He has had a hard life on the streets of Bali. He is approximately 6 or 7 years old.

Ken has been trying to get this poor, injured dogs trust for weeks. He was feeding him religiously every night at 8.30pm and we all decided that he had to get caught and taken into Vethoscope clinic ASAP as he was in a very bad way.

We initially thought he had a very serious break in his back leg, hip area.  Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse. Upon closer examination of the x-rays Dr. Ravina found that his leg was not actually broken. It's serious. BONE CANCER. The bone in the x-ray has been checked over again and further tests revealed that unfortunately Rufus has bone cancer very bad in that leg. Tests have been done to diagnose this so the only thing the vet can do is amputation surgery and then test for further spread. If it appears that it's spread she will do chemo or decide what the best solution to keeping him alive and well would be.

We need to give him a little time to get stronger for surgery and appreciate all your love and prayers you can send to Rufus. If you can donate to Rufus and help give this old guy a better second chapter in his life, know that we are forever grateful. Every cent counts. All money donated will go directly to his operation and care.

Ken needs help in paying the medical bill which is an estimate of $500 AUD and recovery time will be a minimum of 1 month’s rest at TLC House.

Rufus will get bravacto, vitamins, special diet, sterilised and amputation surgery. Please help Ken, he has already 5 disabled dogs at his home this will be 6th after he's better. Ken loves Rufus very much and has built a huge rapport with him and the dog already loves him back.


Rufus has had his surgery to amputate his leg, 3 HR operation done by Drh Veena Reveena and isa, operation was a success but the bone cancer has spread he is to delicate to get chemo yet so another two weeks recovery and we will see how strong he is. I'm sorry but this operation isn't cheap the estimate is $500 AUD. The doctors have saved his life he's an old Street dog and deserves another chance at living his days in comfort with Ken. Please help us to help Rufus donate a little all helps save his life


Rufus has the clearance from the vet to go home! YAY!! So we will bring him home today or tomorrow to TLC House.



I have decided to keep Rufus at the vet until his stitches are healed so we don't have any accidents at home with him taking them out with his teeth! So he is in good hands, recovering more each day and will be home with us at TLC next week. Please DONATE if you can to help Rufus.